Abortion Debates

28 02 2012

Okay I know this is a huge discussion that most say “Abortion should be illegal.” Now imagine for a moment it was. Imagine all the poor innocent babies you will find dead in places. How many dead women in the back alleys trying to get rid of a child they didn’t want. I am no way saying I agree with abortions nor do I disagree. I know there are plenty of people who can’t have babies and try but there are plenty of children in the system hoping they will get that one family who will love them and keep them forever. Most times that doesn’t happen. I speak from experience and there was nothing wrong with me families just wanted a meal ticket and system kids are it. I cannot tell you how irritating it is to me that people want to take this right away. In a time of little to no jobs why would people be so Pro get rid of abortions. They whine about the welfare families but sometimes that extra child makes that family become a welfare family. I just don’t understand why people are so quick to sign people’s rights away. That’s like saying “Oh there’s a new law, Men have to get a vasectomy by the age of 35.” See how ridiculous that is? All it is is another way to yank rights away from others. Will your rights be next?

Baci e abbracci,

Bella Moretti




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